New Employee Sign off Orientation/Confidentiality

  1. I have received my personal copy of the Employee Orientation and Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace. It is my responsibility to read and understand all the policies of employment set forth by Universal Staffing Inc.
  2. I understand that there may be additional policies and procedures given to me by my work assignment management representative that I will be responsible to adhere to and follow accordingly.
  3. I understand that by accepting an assignment from Universal Staffing Inc. that my employer is Universal Staffing Inc. and NOT their client.
  4. I understand that all information acquired during my employment with Universal Staffing Inc. is the property of Universal Staffing Inc.
  5. I understand that if I have any questions, comments or concerns I must bring them up to my local branch office.
  6. List of paperwork that Universal Staffing has given me a copy of:
    • Universal Staffing Orientation Handbook
    • Employee Terms and Conditions
    • Job Description-Assignment Info sheet
    • Employment Standards Act Information
    • Employee Standards Right – Temporary Help Employees
    • Excess Hours of Work Agreement (if applicable)
    • COVID Virus Company Policy
    • Mask Policy
You can use your finger on a touch device or your mouse.

Employee has received the above information via ___ in person, ___ Email, ___ Text, ___ Phone

Universal Staffing Rep Signature

I certify as the Universal Staffing Rep. I have given all the appropriate job orientation information and paperwork to the employee.